Yesterday, I was trying to install digikam on my Macbook Pro and I just followed the instruction to install.

Well, it was not that easy to install digikam on Mac. Anyway, here is the story:

I went to "Macports" to download the package to install the Macports and when Macports is installed then I type

# sudo port install digikam

to install the digikam and its dependencies (
As per instruction, it mentioned about "be prepared to wait hours for the compilation of digiKam and all its dependencies", so I was waiting and waiting for the installation to complete.

It took about an hour to complete and I was excited to open the application via Launchpad/MacPorts (Other)/ Ooops, it throws an error:

"Run-time Qt4 SQLite or MySQL database plugin is not available - please install it.
Database plugins installed on your computer are listed below:

I googled and googled again and found a quick solution here by running:

# sudo port install qt4-mac-mysql5-plugin

The previous message didn't show up again but another message came up:

"error while opening the database.
digikam will try to automatically reconnect to the database