Suggestions to pass the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) assessment
I have just recently passed my PSM I certificate test from Luckily my score was 95% at first attempt so I would like to share my experience on preparing the assessment. I have got many advices from Derek DavidsonEduardo Rodrigues SucenaKrystian Kaczor and many other experts who have been practicing Scrum and Agile for many years. However your mindset of Scrum and experience would definitely make significant contributions for passing the PSM I assessment.

Although there are many Scrum professionals around the world and many of them would doubt the necessity of having a Scrum Master certificate however, for me at least, the certification helped me to recognise my knowledge of Scrum.

I have never attended any official training course so my knowledge is only based on my experience and reading articles. I believe many people have same background as mine so I hope this article will be helpful to people who want to pass the PSM I assessment. Before you continue, read the details of Professional Scrum Master I assessment first and you will have brief idea how the test works.