About me

Professional Experiences

I'm an experienced software development and engineering professional with a strong focus on cloud architecture and distributed software solutions. My career includes roles such as full stack software engineer, head of desktop development, solutions architect, chief architect, and director of engineering. Known for fostering collaboration and clear communication, I excel in guiding high-performing teams. With deep expertise in software engineering, cloud technology, and Kubernetes, I have a proven track record of leading complex projects and driving technological innovation. Your goal is to leverage your extensive experience and leadership skills to drive strategic growth within the Tech world.

  • 09/2021

    Chief Architect & Director of Engineering

    Numeus Group - Zug, Switzerland

    • Designing and managing technical strategy and blueprint of cloud operations
    • Designing and developing global distributed high-frequency crypto trading systems
    • Designing and implementing the automated cloud infrastructure platforms
    • Implementing preventative measures and managing cyber risks
    • Prioritising enhancing detection and response mechanisms to uphold DevSecOps principles consistently
    • Ensuring the organisation follows engineering and architecture best practices
    • Managing and fostering collaboration among Engineering and Research teams

    Key Achievements

    • Yielding remarkable results in 3 months by orchestrating swift cloud infrastructure implementation for trading and research
    • Reduced operation cost by 25% by spearheading design and implementation of automated cloud infrastructure platforms
    • Achieved outstanding 5 stars security assessment result in implementing comprehensive cyber risk management protocols
    • Improved efficiency by 65% through upholding and fortifying engineering and architecture best practices organisation wide
    • Established two digital assets funds, enhancing their performance
    • Guided design and development of HFT crypto trading systems across diverse regions with ~ $25k monthly operation cost

  • 05/2020

    Chief Architect

    Covario AG - Zug, Switzerland

    • Led, mentored, supported, and coordinated a team of 15 engineering members
    • Defined and supervised the firm’s technical strategy and platform blueprint
    • Architected enterprise solutions for high availability and data protection across on-premises and multiple cloud vendors
    • Ensured consistency in engineering practices, quality assurance, and software development processes

    Key Achievements

    • Established greenfield Crypto Brokerage Systems within a 6-month timeline with an initial team of 3 members
    • Completed the OTC trading platform from UI to backbone within 6 months with 5 collaborative OTC venues
    • Reduced operation cost by ~ 25% within 3 months through developing automated digital asset trade clearing and settlement engines

  • 07/2019

    Solution Architect

    EF Education First - Zurich, Switzerland

    • Designed, developed EF’s core commerce system, a cloud-based solution utilising AWS with high availability architecture
    • Established architecture strategies and a technical roadmap with industrial-proven best practices
    • Led, coached, and mentored cross-functional engineering teams, comprising a total of 20 members

    Key Achievements

    • Migrated multiple legacy software services into Kubernetes within 6 month

  • 03/2017

    Principal Software Architect

    Argentière Capital AG - Zug, Switzerland

    • Led a team of 5 in architecting and engineering a proprietary enterprise solution across multiple domains
    • Provided strategic leadership in technical development and collaborated with management teams to establish functional workflows and business rules

    Key Achievements

    • Managed the design and operation of the trading system, overseeing operations totalling AUM $2.9bn
    • Improved productivity by 50% through designing and implementing an automated trade reconciliation system

  • 07/2014

    Head of Desktop Development

    Leonteq Securities AG - Zurich, Switzerland

    • Directed projects with a team of 4, employing Agile methodologies and adhering to software engineering best practices
    • Pioneered and led rapid developments of trading software aimed at enhancing transparency, accuracy, and efficiency

    Key Achievements

    • Orchestrated the successful modernisation of financial tools into distributed microservices within a 6-month timeframe
    • Reduced development effort by 50% through designing, enhancing, and refining proprietary APIs and libraries

  • Career Break

  • 11/2006

    Senior Software Engineer

    Barcode Dynamics - Brisbane, Australia

    • Ongoing ASP.NET based solution developments utilising C# and SQL server reporting
    • Lead engineer on designing and implementing enterprise software and hardware solutions
    • Focused on web-based and standalone developments for desktop and mobile platforms
    • Developed and maintained web APIs (SOAP/RESTful) and DLLs in .NET environment
    • Conducted software lifecycle management, testing, documentation and quality assurance
    • Coached and mentored junior engineers to enhance team force
    • Code review, bugs fixing and development of client application modules (WinForm/ASP.NET)
    • Project management, requirement management and follow-up activities
    • Carried pre and post sales design engineering. Worked closely with customers to compile design & requirements

  • Pursuing MBA & Career Break

  • 09/2003

    Application Engineer

    Taiwan Semiconductor - Taipei, Taiwan

    • Developed production testing software applications (.NET C# / Borland C++)
    • Designed and deployed various custom software for partners and end users (PHP + MySQL)
    • Carried pre and post sales design engineering
    • Participated the mechanical design and firmware developments
    • Modified and applied newly developed mechanisms into OEM thermal printer products
    • Focused on testing and evaluating products through performance, operational conditions and safety
    • Coordinated team members with customer services and inbound info with R&D department