Privacy Policy

Maintaining a firm commitment to privacy and data integrity, I prioritise transparency and responsible data management. While my main focus isn’t on collecting, storing, or selling personal data, it’s worth noting that this website employs certain third-party tools, each governed by its own privacy policies:

  • Google Analytics: This tool provides valuable insights into visitor behavior and content consumption. It helps me understand which posts resonate with users and which ones might need improvement. Rest assured, the data collected is anonymised and used solely to enhance user experience.

  • Disqus: This platform enables user interaction through comments, fostering community engagement. Users can share their thoughts and engage in discussions about the content. While Disqus may collect some user data for functionality, it adheres to strict privacy standards to protect user privacy. These integrations contribute to enriching the user experience and building a vibrant online community. However, it’s important to note that any data collected by these tools is subject to their respective privacy policies, which users are encouraged to review.

I’m committed to transparency and am open to addressing any questions or concerns you may have regarding data privacy and usage. If you need further clarification or prefer alternative means of engagement, please feel free to reach out. Your trust is invaluable, and I’m dedicated to upholding the highest standards of privacy and ethical conduct.