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The journey is the reward

It has been a while since I post a blog page on Blogger which was created back in 2013. So I took an opportunity to transform my personal site to GitHub Pages with Jekyll framework. The following is a short summary of myself in 2024.


I am a seasoned software development leader with a robust career spanning various high-level positions, including full stack software engineer, head of desktop development, solutions architect, chief architect, and director of engineering. My journey reflects a dedicated pursuit of excellence in technology and leadership.

Early Career

My career in software development began with hands-on roles that provided me with extensive experience in coding, system design, and problem-solving. These formative years laid the groundwork for my future endeavours in tech leadership and set the stage for a deep, practical understanding of technology development.

Transition to Leadership

As I progressed to the role of head of desktop development, my focus shifted from individual contributions to strategic team leadership. In this pivotal role, I honed my skills in managing diverse teams, overseeing large-scale projects, and driving critical innovations, marking the beginning of my journey as a technology leader.

Advanced Leadership Roles: Chief Architect & Director of Engineering

In my subsequent roles as Chief Architect and Director of Engineering, I embraced greater challenges and responsibilities. Steering the architectural direction of software solutions at a corporate level as Chief Architect, I integrated cutting-edge technologies, enhancing system reliability, and ensured scalability. Transitioning to Director of Engineering, I expanded my influence, overseeing multiple engineering teams, guiding complex software development cycles, and ensuring alignment with our strategic business objectives. My leadership style fostered an environment of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, encouraging my teams to push technical boundaries and deliver exceptional results.

Technical Skills and Specialisations

My technical expertise encompasses full stack development, cloud technology, and Kubernetes. These skills have enabled me to lead projects requiring deep technical expertise and innovative solutions architecture. My approach often involves hands-on engagement with the technology itself, coupled with strategic oversight.

Leadership Philosophy

As a leader, I believe in fostering an environment of collaboration and open communication. I am committed to developing talent and encouraging my teams to push the boundaries of what is technically possible. My leadership is characterised by a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of how technology can be used to drive business success.

Vision for the Future

My technical vision for the future focuses on the transformative potential of cloud architecture and distributed software solutions. I am passionate about designing systems that are not only robust and scalable but also adaptable to the rapid changes in technology that characterise our era. By leveraging emerging technologies and pushing the limits of what current platforms can do, I aim to lead the development of solutions that pave the way for next-generation software ecosystems. This vision is rooted in a belief that continuous innovation and strategic foresight are key to staying ahead in the competitive tech landscape.


With a proven track record of successful leadership in various high-level technical roles, I am equipped to take on new challenges that combine my expertise in software engineering and strategic leadership. My journey is one of continual learning and adaptation, reflecting my commitment to not only keeping pace with but also shaping the future of technology. If you are interested in my experience, feel free to check it out at here.

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