Minify ExtJs on the fly

I have been developing some projects with ExtJs for a while and also created some plubg-ins and extensions for these projects. Recently, I found out that I have so many *.js and *.css codes and they are somehow too fat for some slow band width users. Well, I decided to google some solutions to minify my js and css codes. Luckily, I found minify and I am loving it. However, most of my ExtJs plug-ins and extensions are called by Ext.require and it is somehow complicated to override the Ext.Loader.require so I googled again... Ha... the answer came up from here (Using .htaccess and RewriteRule? for Minify).
   Options +FollowSymlinks
   RewriteEngine On
   RewriteBase /
   RewriteRule ^(.*\.(css|js).*)$ min/f=%{REQUEST_URI} [L,NC]

The original post is just rewrite the file name but I need full path.
Well, just replace $1 to %{REQUEST_URI} and put the .htaccess file under the Ext.ux path.
Then job done.

So when you call:

The Apache server redirects the JS script URL and the minify class process it.
Have a try and your will love it...

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